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Whats New

  • Real-time integration upgrade into partner centre
  • Open architecture allowing for self-built strategies

Coming Soon

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Statements, invoices and data through a single interface
  • Additional CSP software and Add-ons
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Fresh design, more features and seamless navigation.
Users can switch between personal and business use

Cloud for my business with the new Axiz Digital Portal

  • The platform serves a digital twin to our existing business by enhancing the transactional relationship between us and our partners.
  • A self- built strategy with no hidden licensing fees to ensure a greater margin of earning potential.
  • A micro-service architecture which enables rapid scaling across products and systems in real-time.
  • An exposed integration of endpoints which allow for greater customization and automation.
  • Real-time integration upgrade into Microsoft Partner Centre.
  • Multi-market access to additional vendors and products.

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Our portal revolutionises the way we do business by providing you an all in one solution, streamlining your business processes.

Electronic Portal
Provision and manage your cloud services from a centralised system.
Build your own
Exposed API endpoints allow for yourown self-build strategy with integration end points.
Receive support to assist you in your cloud business.
Automated provisioning
Automatically create and maintain services in the cloud.

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